DocuMatix Email Manager

The DocuMatix Email Manager is the cornerstone of our DocuMatix Product Suite. From branded emails to a personal graphics library to an anti-spam content checker, our DocuMatix Email Manager is packed with useful tools and features — no HTML required.

We offer two types of email editors:


Easily create professional HTML and Text emails with virtually unlimited designs using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


Import your own HTML code; all links are automatically identified and made trackable through our system without any proprietary tags.

Both the standard and custom editors come with a bevy of features for proven results:

Basic Features:

  • Branded emails sent from your domain.
  • State-of-the-art drag-and-drop editor allowing unlimited designs.
  • Copy/Paste your own HTML.
  • Create personal templates, or select from DocuMatix pre-designed layouts and templates.
  • Personalized opt-out message and branding.
  • Global campaign links.
  • Personal Graphics Library
  • Over 200 professional, licensed images.
  • Social Media share and follow capability.
  • Send sample emails any time to an individual, or to a custom approval list.
  • Robust Email Management console including folder creations and search capability.
  • Integrates with an MCIF.
  • Schedule campaigns and launch at once, or stagger over a period of time.

Advanced Features:

  • 100% of all emails created with our email editor are mobile optimized.
  • Import graphics from an upload, URL, your personal library, DocuMatix library, or even from popular cloud and social media sites.
  • Trigger birthday and anniversay emails monthly/yearly from a single upload.
  • Create a Marketing Path™ for on-boarding that will trigger emails based on date, or even the behavior of the email recipient.
  • Integrate the Marketing Path™ and Surveys to increase your overall survey response.
  • Advanced image editor (crop, re-size, enhance with effects, and even add text to images).
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Email client preview allows you to see what your email will look like on major email clients and mobile devices.

List Management and Reporting:

  • Automatic purge of corrupt and duplicate emails.
  • Automatic management of bounceback emails to include an enhanced undeliverable management system that categorizes reasons as to why an email was undeliverable (mailbox full, over quota, unknown domain, etc.).
  • Automatic management of opt-outs for CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Include custom fields for advanced reporting (unique identifiers, household numbers).
  • Download data in real-time via CSV or MS Excel.
  • Real-time reporting of various events (opens, click-throughs, total responses, social statistics, etc.).


  • The DocuMatix Spam Content Check tests your email against more than 1,200 individual tests that major ISPs look for when flagging an email as spam.
  • Whitelist status on major ISPs.
  • Member of ReturnPath SafeList and SuretyMail.


  • Full DNS Branding (Email From and Links).
  • DocuMatix Anti-Phishing Field.
  • Optional DocuMatix Email Key that allows a call center to validate emails.

Mobile Access:

  • Download the DocuMatix Product Suite iPad/iPhone mobile application in the App Store for mobile reporting and additional capabilities.