DocuMatix Product Suite

Used to be you had to work with multiple vendors to get everything you needed to provide effective online communication with your members. Thankfully, those days are gone.

With the DocuMatix Product Suite, you don't just get everything you need to provide effective online communication, you get it all in one place. Email management, electronic forms & registration, personalized URLs — it's all easily accessed through one simple, user-friendly interface.

Our DocuMatix Product Suite includes:


DocuMatix Email Manager

The heart of the DocuMatix Product Suite, our DocuMatix Email Manager uses a powerful wizard-based approach to creating email campaigns

Secure Web Forms

Create secure forms for your website: permission forms, loan applications, give-aways, anything you want to gather data on.

Personalized URLs

Making a custom landing page using PURLs for your marketing campaign is now easier than ever.

Event Registrations

Full registration management for financial seminars and other events.

Digital Document Rack

Upload and store PDFs, then link to them to any email, or link directly from your website.


Integrate tracked surveys in email, or anonymous surveys into your website within minutes.

Web Polls

Create professional web polls that can be easily integrated with your website or email.