DocuMatix Financial Calculators

Auto -- Determine how much vehicle you can afford, buying verses leasing and more.

Business -- Calculate potential cost savings for a business by offering a retirement plan.

Cash Flow -- Calculate cash flow to ensure you have enough income to support your lifestyle.

College -- Determine college savings amounts and the true value of higher education.

Credit -- Compare credit cards, calculate your payoff, explore debt consolidation and more.

Home & Mortgage -- Compare payment amounts, mortgage types, rates, terms and more.

Insurance -- Calculate how much insurance you need to take care of your family.

Investment -- Calculate how investments will grow over time.

Paycheck & Benefits -- Determine how to best take advantage of your employer's benefits offerings.

Qualified Plans -- Realize the potential of taking advantage of a 401(k) and other such plans.

Retirement -- Find out if you're saving enough to support your desired retirement lifestyle.

Savings-- See if your current saving is on track with your long-term goals.

Taxation -- Determine how tax planning will affect your financial outlook.