Aaron Curry

Senior Database Administrator

Since he was a youth, Aaron has had a passion for technology. He has spent the last 12 years being able to use that passion to better the companies he has worked for, combining creativity and an analytical mind to find unique solutions to challenging problems. As a Database Administrator, he enjoys being able to ensure that data is available to those who need it, when they need it.

When not at work, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife and seven kids. He also has a passion for making music, whether it is with a clarinet, oboe, bassoon, ocarina, handbells or singing. He is currently a member of the Bells on Temple Square.

Brittany Rollins

National Account Executive

Brittany is excited to work with DocuMatix, bringing her positive attitude and ambition to help in this growing company. Brittany has customer experience from working in a call center for an insurance company and also at a surgeon’s office, doing a little bit of everything. She is currently attending Salt Lake Community College getting her Associates in pre-engineering.

When not working or doing homework, Brittany’s free time revolves around her daughter. Together they go on adventures (hiking, fishing, camping, four wheeling, and going to Bear Lake whenever they can) or relax at home watching a movie and playing a game of Battleship.

Chris Bigbie

Development Manager

Chris has had a desire and passion for programming since he was in the 3rd grade. He enjoys solving problems and providing new solutions for customers to make their lives easier. After getting a college degree, Chris worked for a variety of companies in various positions before joining DocuMatix. This experience allowed him to grow and improve the design and leadership skills he applies here at DocuMatix.

In his free time, Chris enjoys watching movies, spending time in the outdoors, boating on lakes and taking vacations with his wife and three children.

Chris Hansen

Desktop Support Analyst

Chris enjoys working at DocuMatix because of the customers and fellow employees that he works with. Having worked in the IT and support industry for 12 years, he says he has never enjoyed a company as much as this.

When not at work, Chris enjoys mountain biking, rock crawling and hunting in beautiful Utah. He received an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems and Integrated Systems Specialist from the Salt Lake Community College.

Joline Walgamott

National Account Executive

Each day as Joline leaves the office she thinks, “Another great day at DocuMatix!” In fact, she’s been known to shout it out to everyone as she goes. Joline says it’s a pleasure to work for a company that strives to have the best product in the financial institution industry for email marketing.

Outside of the office, Joline is passionate about her family, the Empress Theatre (a community theatre that she started with her husband), and serving as a teacher to youth in her church. She also has a passion for a good steak (cooked medium rare, please) and coconut caramel flan from Cafe Rio.

Kevin Glass

Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Kevin comes from a country background where internet was dial-up and cellphones were useless. However, with an interest in technology and the foresight to see how important it was going to become, he enrolled in a tech university. Upon graduating from Neumont University with a bachelor’s degree and the title of salutatorian, Kevin started into the world of web design and implementation. After three years of work, he was given the privilege of joining the DocuMatix team.

When not working, Kevin likes to play family games or hike through the local mountain passes. He also owns a cat that he enjoys spending time with.

LaMonte Tracy

Sales Manager

LaMonte joined the team after many years in the travel industry and says it has been a great decision because DocuMatix is a company that has the vision he was looking for, but could never find with other companies. He appreciates that DocuMatix is not only on the cutting edge of the technology of different types of communication, but that their view on customer service is unprecedented.

LaMonte grew up in southern California, met his wife on a blind Date while attending Southern Utah University and 20 years later is the proud parent of two daughters and three boys. Outside of DocuMatix, his interests include anything Disney (as a family the Tracys go to Disneyland 3-4 times a year). LaMonte also loves to cook/smoke real southern BBQ—he’s even created his own sauces and rubs with all the fixin’s.

Olga Karpovich

Quality Assurance Software Tester

Olga is passionate about improving. She enjoys analyzing things from different perspectives and sharing her ideas on how to make them better. Olga joined DocuMatix to help the team deliver the best quality products and make the experience of our customers simple and efficient. While working, she always has the best interest of the products and customers on her mind.

Outside work, Olga likes taking long walks, finding and exploring new places, reading, and spending time with her family.

Paul Jaramillo


According to Paul, being a part of DocuMatix and having the honor of leading such an excellent group of people is one of his biggest passions. When he’s away from DocuMatix, his other passions are his family and his golf game. Paul is a firm believer that if you surround yourself with great people, great things can happen. This is a big reason why he teamed up with Trent to start DocuMatix. Paul and Trent were childhood friends that grew up together playing basketball and eating all you can eat pizza for $2. Paul never dreamed that 10 years after high school and college they would be able to find common interests once again and create DocuMatix.

Paul served in the United States Marine Corps and has a BS in Business Administration and Management from the University of Phoenix.

Ryan Pullman

Quality Assurance Software Tester

My name is Ryan Pullman. I have been working in the Tech industry for 15 years. Prior to that I worked in the travel industry. I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree at BYU Idaho online.

In my spare time I enjoy photography, hiking and spending time with my family.

Sam Scorup

Customer Support Specialist

Sam graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Spanish minor. He has worked in Customer Service, Journalism and Information Technology. One reason he decided to join DocuMatix was the great people he gets to work with.

Outside of work, Sam has the pleasure of taking care of his two young children and spending time with his wife. He also enjoys playing and watching sports, especially basketball.

Shawn Christiansen


Shawn is a programmer who enjoys working with the latest technology in a team-oriented environment. He received a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Florida State University and since then he has acquired over ten years of experience in the IT industry.

When he is not working, Shawn enjoys reading, cooking, playing tennis, watching movies and spending time with his family.

Trent Hawes

Chief Technology Officer

After graduating from Wichita State University in Aerospace Engineering, Trent designed airplanes for four years. He soon realized that software was his passion and moved to Utah to start a career. After working for large companies, got together with others who shared a passion for starting their own company (including Paul, who was a friend from high school). Trent says it has been thrilling to see DocuMatix go from an idea on a napkin to what it is today.

Outside of work, Trent loves to spend time with family, eat all kinds of food (especially spicy foods), listen to music and mountain bike.

Heather Voigt-Saunders

Manager of Client Relations

Heather graduated from Weber State University with a BS degree in Communications/Public Relations and Interior Design. She's worked in the travel industry for over 22 years and is currently using her skills as the Manager of Client Relations at DocuMatix.

She loves to travel and explore new places, especially places with great beaches, sun, and surf. Heather also runs several half-marathons and Ragnar relays throughout the year. When she's not traveling, running, or getting together with friends for her cooking club, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, family, and her niece.

April Van Amen

Customer Support Specialist

April is excited to join the DocuMatix team. She has spent the last 22 years in the Operations department in a large call center assisting with technical support. She enjoys assisting others and helping solve problems. She is excited to work for a company that values customer service and makes it a top priority.

In her free time she enjoys crafting, reading, boating and being with her family. She can often be found at an ice rink supporting her two boys playing hockey, or watching her daughter dance.

Trevor Riley

National Account Executive

Trevor grew up with a very close family and that continues to be an important part of his life. Trevor has one sister and three brothers including a twin brother. He met his wife at the age of 16 and they were high school sweethearts. They have three beautiful daughters Eliza, Evalyn, and Emma. Trevor loves spending time with them. One of his big passions is golf. He loves getting out and playing with friends and family.

Trevor has experience in banking including several years as a branch manager. Trevor sees the application and value that DocuMatix can offer to Financial Institutions and is excited to share this with them. He is currently working towards a Bachelors degree with the University of Phoenix in Business Marketing, and is excited to be a part of the team.

Kent Phan


Kent graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Working in various fields from game development to systems engineering. He has decided to further pursue a career in software development due to his interest in the problem solving skills required to pursue such a field.

Kent likes to spend time hanging out, or playing video games with his friends. He also likes to work on indie video game projects.

Mark Pratt

Database Developer

Mark left college with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and worked in the field for 15 years before deciding he enjoyed the information side of the business world more. Opportunities opened up in desktop reporting, business intelligence, and database development, which he ran with and never looked back. Every aptitude test he’s ever taken placed him heavy on the analytical side of the spectrum.

Away from work, Mark has been involved with volleyball as a player, coach, or referee. He enjoys swimming for exercise and anything else where there is water involved. He enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter to beaches and distant locations.

Jourdan Dixon

Database Developer

As far back as he can remember, Jourdan has loved puzzles and challenges. He didn’t start to pursue programming until he was asked to learn SQL by the owner of a previous job. While it was a tough beginning, he has since developed a strong passion for coding in SQL on many platforms. He has even gone on to do the same in Web and Android / iPhone development. He loves being given a complex problem and using it as a means to learn new programming languages. He loves the feeling of creating a solid product that helps people. Jourdan comes from a Business Intelligence background, and is very happy to have progressed to a backend database development role with DocuMatix.

When off the clock and not programming in side projects, Jourdan is a Jazz pianist, actor, comedian, video gamer, and outdoor enthusiast; including backpacking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and even wilderness survival. He loves spending time with his wife, friends, and family. And… he and his wife are expecting their first child on Christmas Day!